Boy’s First Birthday

Boy’s first birthday gift basket. Includes wagon, teddy bear, outfit, sneakers, stuff animal, storybook, and birthday balloon!


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About This Basket

Baby’s first birthday is definitely a significant birthday.  This beautiful gift is complemented with a pull-along wagon and teddy bear, among other items to include:

  • 1st birthday boy gift set
  • Beautiful boy outfit
  • Wagon
  • Sneakers
  • Stuffed animal
  • Storybook
  • Birthday balloon
  • Storage basket included

Get First Birthday Gift For Baby Boy

First birthdays call for a grand celebration. A one-year-old’s physical, emotional, and intellectual skills are continually developing.  You should keep this in mind while buying a first birthday gift for baby boy. 

Celebrate this large milestone with a special present that will keep them entertained. Get something personalized that Mom and Dad may keep forever. For gift for baby boy 1st birthday to really stand out, they should be surprised and feel personalized in some shape or form. That could mean a truly cool design or a product custom made for your princes’ and princesses’.

While picking out the best first birthday gifts for boy, find things that’ll spark their interest and encourage their skills. Discover a wide selection of these thoughtful gifts for the first birthday. You will also find more in our curated selection. Better still, these memorable gifts are entirely made or sourced by our best small productive businesses.

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